Tsa Meera completed her Bachelor in Multimedia (Hons) Digital Media at Multimedia University, and in 2017 her MA in Fine Arts and Technology at UiTM. Viewing herself as a multimedia artist, she experiments in the visual artistry of analogue and digital elements. Her works extend to paintings, illustrations, wall art, video and even prop/set making. With a contemporary and stylistic visual language, she has collaborated with the likes of current music artists including Pastel Lite, Liyana Fizi and Ferns as well as being involved in projects with We are Kix, Converse Jamboree, DA+C Festival and Georgetown Festival. Tsa Meera also participated in an Artist Residency with Waley Art, Taiwan where she held OCCUR, a solo showcase on the discoveries of being in a new town and the sense of play which awakens.



Cosmos 3 Wanita | PAUSE Fest, Tun Perak Co-op



Emergent Gravity” Audiovisual by After Art (UK) x Tsa Meera (MY), LongitudeLatitude8, Bangladesh

Bukan Bunuh Diri Theatre by Anomalist Production ft. Tsa Meera (Visuals), Serambi Karya

Maybank Women Artists Show 2020, Maybank Foundation Balai Seni Arts

LIVING : Workshop & Performance, Empty Space, Chiangmai

Resonance : Live AV Set by After Art & Tsa Meera, fono, Zhongshan Building

STATE : After Art (Electronics) x Tsa Meera (Visuals), Electric Dreams Vol. 8, RAW Art Space



LIVING : Rise to Rice | Workshop & Performance, Act-Up Festival, Chiangmai

LIVING : Rise to Rice | Workshop, Lanyim Theatre, Chiangmai

Kecik Kecik Group Show, Ming Fine Arts, Gurney Plaza, Sunway Carnival Mall, Hin Bus Depot

SH/FT : A Contemporary Visual Art Exhibition

Small, Small World, Artemis Gallery

Rethinking EDITIONS, OUR ArtProjects



KLEX Closing Performance, RAW Art Space

KLEX Open Programme II : Light Dissolves, Checkmate Creative

[MY]MORY Visual and Performance Arts Exhibition, Wicked Art Space

KATE Tokyo x Tsa Meera & Talha KK, Urbanscapes House

KLEX Pre-Festival, Urbanscapes House

LIBERATING POTENTIALS | Manifestation of Digital Shift, Galeri Petronas

Self Absorbed, Galeri Titik Merah

KNOB IT, Live Fact

Make It Happen! Music Edition, Cyberjaya Music Festival

EDITIONS, Shalini Ganendra Fine Art

Asia Noise Limit Exploration Performance, Acid House, Taiwan

OCCUR Solo Show, Waley Art Residency, Taiwan

Edible Festival, Edible Park, Medini Green Park, Iskandar Puteri

UnStumm | Conversation of Moving Image and Sound, Space Toccata



ArtTech Kuala Lumpur, Slate @ The Row 

Opposites Abstract, Universiti Malaya Gallery 

Make It Happen!, IP Kreatif, Mall of Medini Iskandar Puteri 

The White Mask Visual Arts Exhibition, The Cooler Lumpur Festival, White Box

101 Di Mana (Where Are) Young, National Visual Arts Gallery (NVAG)

Collective | Individuals for Urbanscapes 2017, Urbanscapes House

Aqal II Exhibition, Segaris Art Center



Moved by Padi for Georgetown Festival, Lebuh Macallum

L(EYES) Looking With Your Eyes, Galeri Chandan

De/Corum : Re-Accepting Visual Conventions, Galeri Chandan

The Other Festival 2015 : Mapping The City by Warung Wayang, Ipoh



Elusive by Studio Mekar & Artemis Art Gallery, Blackbox Publika

Platform II : Artist, Space and Time, Galeri Chandan

Geopatterns for Warung Wayang, DA+C Festival 2015, Fort Cornwallis



Untamed Bloom, Balai Berita News Straits Times (NSTP)

Strait(s) Ahead, Damansara Performing Arts Center (DPAC)

PancarWarna, Panggung Seni Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM)