Galeri Petronas, KLCC

October, 2018


RGB is an interactive art installation held in “LIBERATING POTENTIALS | Manifestation of Digital Shift” exhibition at Galeri Petronas whereby the audience, one person at a time is required to sit down for 10-15 mins with eyes closed, looking at a green strobe light.

It is a visual culture that we are living in; constant feeds of information being fed to users in every social media and every screen. As opposed to my previous body of work whereby I expressed myself through graphic means, I would like to question our habits towards visual consumption; to learn about the human mind through sensory deprivation, unravel the built-in imagery that comes from our brain without external visual stimulus.

This installation brings you to experience internal geometric hallucinations upon looking strobe light with eyes closed. Audience are expected to witness color changes, zigzag lines, checkered patterns, dots and other shapes during the session.