Tsa Meera x After Art

Tsa Meera, MY (Visuals) x After Art, UK (Sound/Music) 

RAWArtSpace & Fono

January, 2020


Watch TEASER here! Two collaborative performances by Tsa Meera (MY) and After Art (UK) @after.art.band at these spaces/events, in conjunction with After Art’s EP release;

STATE”⚡️Electric Dreams Vol. 8 @rawartspacekl (Sound/Music by @after.art.band + Visuals by Tsa Meera)

Resonance ⭕️ @fono.kl (Live A/V set by @after.art.band + Tsa Meera)

After Art’s latest release, Psychogeography: Impressions, is his attempt to explore the interplay between the physical organisation of space and the (un)conscious organisation of individual’s emotion and behaviour, written when he was moving between London, Kathmandu, Dhaka, Southeast Asian cities and Madrid.

The EP is also available on Spotify and Beatport. To those asking for experimental electronic music in KL, come through and immerse yourself with the blips and blops coming from our audiophile speakers.

🎥 : @talha_kk
📸 : @khaimano