KATE Tokyo @ Urbanscapes

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KATE Tokyo x Tsa Meera & Talha KK @ Urbanscapes

1st Floor, 2 Hang Kasturi

November, 2018


As part of the launch for KATE Tokyo’s new Lash Former, KATE Tokyo collaborates with Tsa Meera and Talha KK in Urbanscapes 2018. Calligraphy and make-up workshops were also held in this event, in the span of 2 weeks.

KATE x Tsa Meera & Talha KK’s room installation displays the journey of an ambiguous female character who is in pursuit to fulfill her desires of eternal beauty. The female character called KATE wants to be a free spirit, she desires happiness, she wants an infinity of time, she wants to be beautiful, she wants to be noticed, and she wants to be comfortable in her own skin.

Her endless wandering finally leads her to a magical realm; where time has stopped, everything is away from the stressors of society, all eyes are on her, she has a heightened sense of her individuality, and she is the most special person in this space. She becomes the goddess in this realm and the realm transforms into her.