Embodiment of Op Art

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The Embodiment of Op Art in Space and Identity

MA Fine Arts & Technology Studio Project, UiTM Jalan Othman



On a personal level, The Embodiment of Op Art in Space and Identity is a metaphor of my dual nature through Op Art; a play between horizontal and vertical lines, shapes and patterns in various scales and details, in an indoor space using black and white.

It is meant to create disorientation, to make oneself find balance in a dizzying environment where it becomes confusing to determine whether the eyes are playing tricks thus affecting the body that is thrown off balance by the generated setting. Disorientation, is my personal question; where do I stand in the current world as a female living in a box created by the society; expectations from the demanding voices that she needed to fulfil while at the same time tumbling over and trying to stabilize, keeping a solid foot on the ground and maintaining my sense of independence, individuality and identity that I am constantly rebuilding and looking to establish. Who am I? Who are you?

The silence is loud, the contrast is pulsing and the gravity is upside down, the initiated space is meant to envelope, wrap and contain. It is a mixed feeling that I am portraying; one can be in awe or intimidated, claustrophobic or free, logical or irrational, neither here nor there, standing out but invisible, lost and found. Do you feel trapped? Is it dark or is it bright? Can you stand? Where does it bring you? In between these complete opposites, the space is embodied.

A place is a home but is also a foreign land, different place changes the work and vice versa. None can live without the other (artwork and setting), they are codependent on each other to create the same but different thing (arrangement varies) as long as one is there, one leaves a mark unlike any other. No two fingerprints are the same. Working on oneself is a work in progress.